Workplace Mindfulness

Dr. Tamara Russell, one of the UK's leading mindfulness experts, has teamed up with Collective Insight to provide tailored workshops for a spectrum of businesses. She advises individuals and organisations on how to use mindfulness techniques to optimise performance, encourage innovative thinking and improve mental and physical well-being. 

Tamara’s work cuts across sectors, bringing creative and practical mindfulness training to all levels in a business including leaders and the executive board. Previous clients include Lloyds TSB, Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, Clyde & Co., Pearson International and Sedexo.

Tamara has collaborated with the Dalai Lama on a panel talk on well-being in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has also delivered talks at Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain alongside Ruby Wax at the Barbican Centre. She has been a keynote speaker at The Mindfulness at Work conference.

She is the Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, London as well as a visiting Lecturer at King’s College London. She has also provided Body in Mind Training for elite athletes.

Combining her clinical, neuroscience and martial arts training, Dr. Russell’s approach engages both body and mind, for a total solution to manage the stressors of our modern working environment. Tamara has introduced a groundbreaking approach to mindfulness that is practised through everyday movement. Her simple exercises are designed to be accessible to everyone, including those who can't find time for practice, who are constantly on the move or who have struggled with traditional “sitting still” mindfulness techniques.

Tamara’s forthcoming book “#whatismindfulness” (Watkins) is launching in May 2017. She published Mindfulness in Motion: Healthier Life Through Body-Centred Meditation (Watkins) in 2015. 


Client and colleague relationships are at the heart of every business. We can provide bespoke workshops on mindfulness for successful collaboration. 


Tailored mindfulness workshops are available to enhance more confident communication, presentation, negotiation and influencing skills. 

how can mindfulness help your business?

More effective communication and collaboration

Boost employee productivity

Enhance approaches to management and leadership

Encourage more innovative thinking


tailored WORKSHOPS

We'll work with you to design mindfulness or career resilience workshops right for your business, people strategy and organisation's culture. A number of formats are available to fit in with the demands of your business and employees' work priorities. These can be lunch and learn sessions, 3 hour workshops, one day workshops or a bite-sized programme spanning over a few weeks or months.

'This is by far the clearest book on mindful movement and just reading it puts you in the moment. It's wonderful.'

Ruby Wax

What Is Mindfulness?
By Tamara Russell